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Real Estate Connection REC Protect Closing Management ensures that you and your buyers get to the finish line. Our agent teams and transaction coordinators are committed to ensuring your buyers remain your buyers and are treated with care and precision.

REC Protect - Closing Management

  • REC maintains the relationship with buyers and agents via an exclusive 2 year first right of refusal agreement.
  • REC manages the home search process for all parties; which enables consistent communication.
  • REC uses preferred title companies in each market for a smoother transaction.
  • REC engages with all parties post closing and continues the relationship.
  • REC ensures the buyers are able to effectively communicate with all parties throughout the transaction and post closing.
  • Bi-weekly scorecards and dashboards to ensure consistency.

Benefits of REC Protect:

  • Establish new "protected" Real Estate Agent connections.
  • Close more aged buyer leads -4 months to 1+ years old.
  • Performance Dashboard - Track ROI and engagement.
  • Use REC's insights and analytics to improve performance.
  • Stay up-to-date on each buyer lead's status with their Agent.
  • REC's nationwide support team works your buyer leads.

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If you are looking to grow your lead capabilities, convert more transactions and inject a better real estate experience for your customers we need to talk.

“I’ve been working with Real Estate Connection for the past year and love the team. They provide me with qualified buyers and top lenders to work with. My business is growing, and I appreciate their partnership.”

Marissa Seloff, San Antonio, Texas